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» How do I transfer an existing domain name to Efficient Hosting?
In order to transfer an existing domain name to Efficient Hosting please check the appropriate box under "I already own this domain..." when filling out our order form.

We don't charge for domain transfers provided you are able to arrange with your existing domain registrar to point your domain at our DNS servers. This should always be possible with generic domains (eg .com, .org, .net) and can usually be done by filling out an online request form at your registrar's web site.

With UK domains names (eg, you will often find that your existing registrar requires you to move the domain to another registrar (which requires updating your domain's "IPS Tag") before you can point it at our DNS servers. This tends to be the case when your domain registrar is also acting as your web host rather than acting as a dedicated domain registrar.
If your registrar tells you that you need to update the IPS Tag of your domain in order to transfer it then you can arrange the change of registrar through Efficient Hosting at a cost of 15 pounds.

If your web site is already live then we recommend the following procedure for transferring your site to Efficient Hosting. This should avoid any "downtime" for your site whilst the transfer is going through:


Fill out our order form for the hosting plan of your choice and wait a few hours for your new account to be set up. When your account is ready you will receive a Welcome E-mail explaining how to access your account.


Upload your site using the temporary FTP address and test it using the temporary Web address given in your Welcome E-mail.
Your temporary Web address will be of the form (replacing username with your own account User Name).

Uploading and testing your site before updating your domain name will ensure that your site doesn't become temporarily unavailable whilst you are making the move to Efficient Hosting.

If your site makes use of CGI scripting or other advanced features, you may need to make some minor changes to your site before it will work correctly in its new home. For example, the "paths" to various preinstalled scripts or scripting languages may not be the same as on your previous host's server.


Ask your domain registrar to update the DNS servers for your domain to the following:

Primary DNS Server IP Address:
Secondary DNS Server Name: NS2.EFFICIENTDNS.COM
Secondary DNS Server IP Address:

If you are transferring a UK domain then you may need to update its IPS Tag and move it to a new registrar in order to update its DNS servers (see above). If so, and if you would like Efficient Hosting to handle your domain transfer at a charge of 15 pounds, please ask your registrar to update your UK domain's IPS Tag to FIBRANET. Once we have been informed that the IPS Tag has been updated we will then complete our side of the domain transfer (and update the DNS servers), usually within 24 hours.

Once the DNS servers have been updated there will be a period during which the new domain information will spread across all of the networks and ISPs that make up the Internet. This is called the propagation period and it can last from 24 hours to a few days. During this time your visitors may be directed either to your old site or to the Efficient Hosting version of your site, depending on how regularly each visitor's own ISP refreshes their DNS table.


Finally, after leaving it a few days, you can safely cancel your old hosting account.

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