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  Affiliate Program
We offer a competitive affiliate programme, allowing webmasters to earn commission by referring clients to our site where they can sign up for our fast, reliable and feature packed UK web hosting plans.
  Under our affiliate programme we pay a fixed commission of 15 pounds sterling for each hosting account referred, provided the client stays with us for at least a month.
You will also earn 5 pounds per sale generated by any other affiliates which you refer to our programme (we operate a "two tier" commission system).

All affiliates are issued with their own linking code to our site which includes a unique referrer ID. When a visitor arrives at our home page from clicking on this link, a cookie containing your referrer ID is written to their local PC.

We use a cookie system to ensure that you are credited with all your sales, even if a visitor doesn't actually sign up with Efficient Hosting until a later date. These cookies expire only after a period of 365 days has elapsed.

When a customer referred by you signs up for a web hosting account, we will e-mail you within 24 hours to let you know you have made a sale.

Cheques are sent out monthly for all balances over 20 pounds.

We are so sure of the reliability of our web hosting servers that we offer our clients an unconditional money-back guarantee during the first 30 days. If a referred client should choose to exercise this then you will forfeit your commission on this account. This will also be the case if a client should "charge-back" their credit card. This is simply to protect us from paying out more money than we are actually getting in. We will e-mail you if a client you referred should choose to cancel within their first month.

We reserve the right to change the terms of our affiliate program or to suspend an affiliate membership at any time on notification by e-mail.

If you are ready to become an affiliate of Efficient Hosting, simply fill out our application form.
After reviewing your application, we will e-mail you with your unique Affiliate ID and full linking instructions.
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30 Day Money-back Guarantee
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